Maradro Island teaches eco friendly lifestyle for kids and adults!

More than a place, Maradro Island is a state of mind. It is a place that pilgrims know, one that offers shelter for the body, mind and soul, a place where peace and harmony prevail. It is open to all, but most accessible to children, animals, plants and adults concerned by the state of a world in turmoil.

Maradro Island is a 116-page full color book that teaches us about earth and how each of us can play a part so mother nature can feel healthy and alive! Through poems and illustrated characters, the author brings to life words of wisdom, beliefs to live by and fun lessons to learn from.

For kids and parents who want to learn about nature, ecosystems and endangered species, Maradro Island is a magical journey of discovery into harmonious ways of co-existing with all life on earth, teaching us about eco friendly lifestyle, peace and love.